Home (2012)

Dierks Bentleys’ “Home”: there’s no other place like that

After showcasing his loyalty to American music traditions with his last bluegrass-inspired record “Up On the Ridge”, a 36-year-old country music adept Dierks Bentley heads back to the studio to try his best at recording new material. And, after two years of hard working and finding new inspirations, singer songwriter releases an album with the warmth-generating title “Home”. Singles “Am I the Only One” and “Home” are already helping to boost album’s sales, consecutively topping US country chart. An Arizona (Bentleys’ home) photo-shoot made for record’s cover radiates comfort needed to suit LP’s patriotic subtext. And of course, the sense of sixth full-length attempt advances expectations from Dierks’ label Capitol Records: they are clearly aware of the situation with digital downloads being more popular nowadays; however it doesn’t account for a poor charts performances.

Brett Beavers is back again at co-producing radio-friendly country ballads and forceful bluegrass tunes with Bentley. The duo clearly knows what the need: soulful uncomplicated lyrics, catchy verse melodies and an attractive singer’s look. This is Dierks’ success formula that he fully implies into album’s track list. “Breathe You In” is a classic example, with a hook so catchy, that you can hear ladies screaming on a concert. “TheWoods” describes artist’s love for a simple “farm life”, while “Tip It On Back” praises drinking with your buddies at the local bar – one of the main places, that Bentleys’ fans and Dierks himself love being at. In addition, “Diamonds Make Babies” gives you an ironical look on some life-settling things, such as marriage and parenthood.

Overall, this is not a bold Dierks Bentley album, compared to a previous record. Though, it continues singer’s series of chart strikes and holds on to a very mainstream sound, which is quite possible what defines such artists as Bentley. There are no regrets, as there were no big expectations. Country heads and left-minded ladies would love hearing this LP.

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