Biography Dierks Bentley

The famous American country blues musician and songwriter Dierks Bentley (full name Frederick Dierks Bentley) was born on November 20, 1975 Phoenix, Arizona. Despite his father holder a bank vice-president post and took part the World War II, he has supported the son`s aspiration for music. At 13 he received from father his first guitar and started to take lessons. Frederick began from easy rock songs and mainly played for friends and classmates. But once he has heard the song "Man to Man" by American icon of the country music Hank Williams Jr. and it helped him to determine his own style. In 1988 family moved to Lawrenceville, New Jersey where he finished school in 1993.

He entered the Vermont University but in a year he had to continue his studying at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. This place was the cradle of country music and Dierks was totally sunk into the atmosphere of music and traditions.

After graduation, Dierks Bentley made a decision to stay in Nashville. He started to work as an archivist at Nashville Network (today is Spike TV) organizing and maintaining control over the old country records and performances. Those period was the most difficult in his live, he sang on public and even wrote a full album “Don`t Leave Me in Love” (2001) but even though he still being unknown. All has gone better when a place where used to hang out the lovers of bluegrass was appeared. Dierks has been taught all niceties of this style and could mix his own music with bluegrass. Once Bentley was caught by a producer from the Capitol Nashville Records. So that, in 2003 was released debut album “Dierks Bentley” which brought the long-awaited recognition and fame. The album went platinum. The first song “What Was I Thinking” reachedno.1 on Billboard chart among Hot Country Songs, the next two compositions “My Last Name” and “How am IDoin?” took appropriately no.17 and no.4. “Modern Day Drifter” (2005) has also became platinum and both songs “Come a Little Closer” and “Settle for a Slowdown” was being on the top for a long time. After such success Dierks Bentley got the CMA Award as Best New Artist and took part annual country music fest GrandOle Opry. In 2006 the world saw a “Long Trip Alone”. During 2006-2008 four songs from this record gained the top 10 on different charts.

The first Dierks Bentley tour was happened in 2006 and passed through fifteen American cities. During two years were organized three tours throughout America, Canada and Europe. In 2008 Dierks made an announcement that everyone can propose a song for a compilation album. So that, new album “Greatest Hits/Every Mile a Memory 2006-2008” contains songs that were chosen by people. In 2009-2010 were presented two albums “Feel That Fire” and “Up on The Ridge”. Then in two years he finished to work over his seventh album “Home” had Best Country Solo Performance nomination. Thus, the concert dates were setup to play each day in new place. In 2012 his father and mentor died and musician full all his grief and deep mourning in „The Riser” (2014). He introduced this album on Riser Tour. Sometimes the concert dates were transferred because the singer felt himself bad. Today Dierks Bentley is prepared for somewhere on a Beach to support his up-to-date album “Black”. It will be started on April 21 in Dublin, Ireland, and then he wills visit Scotland and England. From May 12 till September 22 Dierks will introduce “Black” more than 20 cities of the North America and Canada. More detailed concert schedule is available on the official cite. Everyone can buy tickets online or at ticket boxes. Before the tour will start Dierks will visit Houston, New York and Nashville with his old songs.