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The famous American country blues musician and songwriter Dierks Bentley (full name Frederick Dierks Bentley) was born on November 20, 1975 Phoenix, Arizona. Despite his father holder a bank vice-president post and took part the World War II, he has supported the son`s aspiration for music. At 13 he received from father his first guitar and started to take lessons. Frederick began from easy rock songs and mainly played for friends and classmates...

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Riser (2014)

Albome tour: Riser

For the most of his career, a 39-year-old American singer Dierks Bentley showed care and appreciation of an old-school country music, balancing between radio-friendly smash hits and deep thoughtful projects, like his 2010’s “Up on the Ridge”....

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Country & Cold Cans (2012)

Albome tour: Country & Cold Cans

Country & Cold Cans (2012) is an extended play released on August 21 by American country singer DierksBentley. The recording came out under Capitol Nashville label and is available as digital download. It meansthere was no physical release...

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Hello New Dierks Bentley!

2017 seems to be very busy for an American singer and songwriter Dierks Bentley, who is the victor of several awards in the field of country music and 10-time Grammy nominee. His twelve singles have received gold and platinum RIAA and led the country chart USA. April 2017 is the beginning of Dierks Bentley tour. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and was growing up in an unmusical family. Barely listening to country recordings, the singer got his music education on his own.

Boy began his musical career playing in bars and clubs the mix of country and bluegrass. In 2003, the singer signed a contract with the studio “Capitol Records” in Nashvilleand produced his first single, named “What Was I Thinkin’”. After this he became very popular. But, perhaps, the greatest fame the vocalist obtained after the publication of his albums, entitled “Long Trip Alone” and“Feel That Fire”. 2005 was very productive year for him. October 1, 2005, Bentley became the youngestparticipant of the Grand Ole Opry, when he was inaugurated on. During that year, Dierks gained the CMAHorizon Award and also he married Cassidy Black, who was his playmate. In 2006 in Denver, Colorado hisfirst DVD, named “The Dierks Bentley Experience”, was filmed. In October 2008, his first child was born, adaughter named Evie. Later she made a vocal presence on the song "Thinking of You. His musical style hasbeen likened to such country legends as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. Also this county singer was recording with many talented, but not so famous artists, including, Dan Hochhalter, who was born and grew up of Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

Now Dan is in the tour with Dierks. In the autumn of 2010, in New York City, the vocalist played four shows in four nights that prove just how exclusive he is between modern country music performers. A new Dierks Bentley tour dates in Dublin on April 21, 2017. Starting from January, 2017, everyone has the chance to buy tickets for his concert. The vocalist will play three more European concert dates. The tour 2017 also stops in thirty six other North American cities in aid of his future eighth studio album, “Black”. In his tour schedule there is the plan to visit the cities, such as: Houston, Dublin, Manchester, Glasgow and others. Dierks Bentley tour dates very soon! The singer is one of those, who symbolize the American dream, pride, patriotism and freedom. His lyrics are very special, that is why this singer was nominated in 2008 for "Grammy" in the "best performer country" category. During the six years of his official career, he has recorded 4 albums and a dozen singles. His lyrical texts and melodic voice are very successful among the old and the young generation. Dierks became an example for many talented people.